May 2012


VOL. 31 NO. 3

 May 2012

Newsletter of the Humboldt Bay Bicycle Commuters Association
P. O. Box 9054 Eureka CA 95502

Thanks to the New and Renewed Members for 2012!

New Members:

  • Maria Bauman, Arcata***

Renewed Members:

  • Sherry Myers, McKinleyville**
  • Victor Dumlao, Eureka***
  • Mark Mueller, Eureka***
  • Robert Berg, Eureka***
  • Steve Sipma & Noreen O’Brien, Fairhaven**
  • Melanie Williams, Arcata**
  • David & Jean Durbin, McKinleyville**
  • Claudio Freixas, Jr., Eureka
  • Jack Nash, Eureka***
  • Tim Daniels, Blue Lake**

If you have not yet renewed your membership for 2012, please do so by using the membership application at the end of the newsletter.
Those with a ** have made additional donations to the HBBCA. Those with *** have made donations of $25 or more. Thank you for your generous donations to the HBBCA.

The Next Regular Meeting will be held on May 21st in Eureka

The next regular HBBCA meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m., Monday, May 21st, at Chapala’s Café, 2nd and C Streets in Eureka.  Dinner is optional.   Agenda items may be suggested by emailing Rick Knapp at

May is Bike Month 2012 in Humboldt Bay

Are you ready for some cool events this year?  Get that bike ready so that you can participate and commit to a year of bike commuting.  You can go to to see a poster for Bike Month; a calendar of events; and Gear Swap poster.   

Don’t forget the annual noontime Bike to Work Day Rallies—May 10 in Arcata and May 17 in Eureka. 

To help get you ready, read on……. 

Commute by Bike--

“Five Lame Excuses for Not Riding to Work,” Reprinted from May 2012 Bicycling 

The Problem: I’ll be sweaty.

The Solution: Dial back your pace and allow time to cool off after you arrive.  If there’s no shower at work, freshen up with wipes and  change your clothes.

The Problem: It’s too cold (or hot).

The Solution: Invest in clothing that will keep you comfortable.   Conditions may vary between your morning and evening commutes, so pack accordingly.

The Problem: It’s not safe.

The Solution: Use a combination of cycling and public transportation to tailor a route.   Or put your bike onto or into your car, drive part of the way, and ride the rest (Added by Rick Knapp: Be sure you have the right safety gear—bright clothing, headlight, reflectors, taillight, and, rearview mirror.)

The Problem: There’s no place to park my bike.

The Solution: Lock your bike in the most visible spot possible—thieves like privacy.   Or ask your boss if you can stash you bike in a basement or a utility closet. 

It’s easy to come up with more excuses if you need them.   But, if you’d like to climb over those excuses and start a new life that includes bike commuting, we can help.  Please feel free to    contact us at to see what we can do to help you.

HBBCA Supports SB 1464 for Safe Passing of Bicyclists

SB 1464(Lowenthal) is the son of SB 910 which was vetoed by the Governor last year.   The new bill has some revised language which the author believes will satisfy the Governor.   If passed, motorists would have to give at least 3 feet of space to cyclists when passing.   The HBBCA has gone on record as supporting this bill.   It will be moving through committees this spring/summer.

HBBCA T-Shirts Available

More T-shirts have been made up and are available for $10, our cost.   They are bright yellow.   We have both men’s and women’s.   The women’s are stretchy ribbed cotton with scoop neck.   They have “Please Share the Road” on the back.   The men’s are standard T-shirts, some with “One Less Car” on the back, others with “Please Share the Road.   Contact Rick Knapp if you’d like to get one.   Get ready for summer!!!

HBBCA Board of Directors (Rev. 1/2012)

President---------------------- Rick Knapp

445-1097(h) email:

Vice-President---------------- Brett Gronemeyer

845-2117(h); 441-5770(w)

Secretary/Treasurer---Gail Popham,

444-3316(h); 445-5204(w)

Director of Publicity………… vacant

Director of Planning----- vacant 

If anyone is interested in filling a Board seat, or becoming more involved, please call one of the Board members above.

Who to Call When You See a Safety Concern (Rev. 1/2012)

The HBBCA checked with agencies in the Humboldt Bay region to determine appropriate contact personnel to respond to bike-related issues.  If you see a condition that needs to be corrected in order to improve safety or convenience for cyclists such as a pothole in a bike lane, accumulated debris on a roadway shoulder, the need to re-stripe a bike lane, or the need to clear vegetation encroaching on a shoulder, call the responsible agency/person listed below. 

Of course, if you see a condition that requires immediate attention, like a stop sign knocked down, call 9-1-1.  For non-emergency conditions, the following contact information is provided: 

Mark Suchanek, Deputy District Director

County of Humboldt
Wendy Meeks, Dispatcher
Abandoned Vehicles: Wally Williams,
County Sheriff’s Office, 268-3629 

City of Arcata
Monica Campbell,
Public Works Administrative Assistant

Abandoned Vehicles:
Arcata Police Dept. at 822-2424 

City of Eureka
Pearl Mendoza
Public Works Administrative Assistant
with cc:

Abandoned Vehicles: Mary Kirby, 268-5232

“Education is Your First Line of Defense,” excerpts from January/February 2012 American Bicyclist

WEARING A HELMET IS NOT YOUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE.  In fact, education is!  Cyclists of all ages and abilities know riding in traffic or on trails can be hazardous if you are not prepared. Operators of motor vehicles are required to follow the rules of the road, to properly maintain their vehicles, understand avoidance tactics and practice defensive driving.  While they are required to wear seat belts, and vehicles are now equipped with air bags, it is widely understood that they are passive forms of protection, useful in the event of a crash.   Seat belts and air bags do not prevent crashes, and neither do bicycle helmets.   [The article goes on to describe the League of American Bicyclists’ Smart Cycling curriculum and its nationwide network of League Cycling Instructors (LCIs) who are educating new and returning riders with the vital traffic skills needed to prevent accidents.]  

In the Humboldt Bay region, we are lucky to have two League-certified instructors, Patricia-Ann WinterSun and Melanie Williams, both who have assisted countless children in bike rodeos and other bike events.   If you are an experienced cyclist and would  like to be trained to be a LCI-certified instructor, we can put you in contact with one of ours or you may go to the League’s website at to learn more. 

In addition, Rick Knapp developed the HBBCA’s BikeSmart training program, which he has taught to area youth, as well as adults for the last 19 years.   Please take advantage of these resources for you and your children.  For more information, contact   

Please Join or Renew Your Membership for 2012 (Rev. 1/2012)

The HBBCA is working to improve and encourage bicycle commuting.  Help make it happen by joining now or renewing your membership for 2012.  

Your $5.00 annual dues, paid on a calendar year basis, will help pay for youth helmets, this newsletter, our website, BikeSmart promotions, Bike Month activities and prizes, postage, etc.   And, it will help demonstrate your commitment to our goal. 

With your membership card, you may request the following discounts on bike parts and accessories: 10% (or more) at Henderson Center Bicycles; 10% at Revolution Bicycle Repair; 15% at Adventure’s Edge; 10% at Pro Sport Center, 10% at the Outdoor Store and 15% at Sport and Cycle.  [Starting February 2011, membership cards began including stickers on the back showing discounts offered by the various shops.]

Please click here to download our Membership Application.