October 2023

Vol. 42  No. 4

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New and Renewed Members of the HBBCA

The following are new and renewed members for 2023 and 2024.   If you haven’t renewed your dues for 2023, they were due on January 1, as all dues expire on December 31.   An application is at the end of the newsletter if you’d like to renew for 2024.

New members:

Jack Cline, Eureka (2023 and 2024)***

Renewed Members for 2023 (since last newsletter)

Ralph Martinelli, Eureka**
Justin Fricker, Crescent City**
Ali Lee, Bayside***
Daryl & Phyllis Chinn, Arcata**
Bob & JoAnn Hart, Bayside (2023 & 2024)***
Robert Schultze & Sonja Schultze-Huff, Eureka**

Those with a ** next to their name gave an additional donation. Those with *** have given a $25 or greater donation.   Thanks to all those who have joined or renewed their commitment and those who have given additional donations to support our many causes. Get on board now for all the benefits, including discounts at bike shops.  See application at the end of the newsletter.
Next Meeting at Pachanga’s Mexican Restaurant in Eureka on Monday, October 23, 2023,—Brian Gerving Eureka Public Works Director will be there

The next meeting of the HBBCA will be October 23rd. The dinner meeting will be in the back room at Pachanga’s Mexican Restaurant, 5th and S Streets, in Eureka. The meeting will start at 6 pm and end by 8 pm. The principal agenda item will be a presentation by Eureka Public Works Director, Brian Gerving. He will be updating us on things that are going on and things planned for the future that can affect cyclists. He will also field questions from attendees.

Construction of H and I Street Buffered Bikeway Project Underway

In late August, Mercer-Fraser Construction began the project awarded in May 2023 to construct buffered bike lanes, bulbouts and repave H and I Streets. So far about 25 bulbouts have been constructed or are under construction on I Street. There will be about 75 of them between Harris Street and 7th Street. The bulbouts, to enhance safety for pedestrian crossings, are being constructed by RAO Construction as a subcontractor. Once completed on I Street, they will be done on H Street. Ultimately, the repaving and striping for two lanes of traffic and buffered bike lanes (bright green ones) will follow. Rick Knapp met with Brian Gerving, Eureka Director of Public Works, in late August. He said that the project was supposed to be completed by this fall, but if not they will continue to work on it on into the winter. They will not be granting a winter suspension.

Shimano Recalls 760,000 Bike Cranksets Over Crash Hazard (Reprinted from Times-Standard of 9/24/23)

Cycling company Shimano is recalling some 760,000 bike cranksets in the U.S. and Canada due to a crash hazard that has resulted in several reported injuries.

According to a Thursday notice from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the now-recalled crank parts can separate and break, risking crashes. More than 4,500 incidents of the cranksets separating and six injuries have been reported to date—including joint displacements and lacerations.

The recall impacts Shimano Ultegra FC-6800, Ultegra FC-R8000,  Dura-Ace FC R9100, Dura-Ace FC-R9100P 11-speed Bonded Hollowtech Road Cranksets that were manufactured in Japan prior to July 2019.

The cranksets were sold both individually and on bicycles sold by other companies, including Trek and Specialized, regulators said.

Consumers can identify the recalled crank parts by their production date and two-letter codes.

[Note from Rick Knapp: These are top-end cranksets, likely to be found on expensive bikes or purchased separately. You can find the imprinted model number on the inside of the cranks. If you have one, I suggest you contact the bike shop where you bought the bike.  For further information, go to the following website:
bike.shimano.com, click on Information and Safety Recall. Shimano says Shimano dealers can inspect your bike if you have one of the recalled cranksets.]

Old Arcata Road Project Awarded

On September 6, 2023, the Arcata City Council approved awarding an approximate $6 million project to reconstruct one mile of roadway on Old Arcata Road, including bike lanes and a roundabout at Jacoby Creek Road. City Engineer, Netra Khatri, said he expected the project to begin in September but would likely go into winter suspension when the weather gets too bad to pursue continued construction. Project completion is expected by the end of 2024.

Bike Lanes to be Added to 8th and 9th Streets in Arcata

Between F and K Streets, 8th and 9th Streets will be one lane, one-way streets with bike lanes on the right side of the streets. Work was to begin in September. Originally, the City was considering placing the bike lanes on the left side in order allow more diagonal street parking on the right side. The HBBCA objected and ultimately the City agreed to place the the bike lanes on the right side side, consistent with all the others in the City. Thanks to HBBCA member Nancy Reichard who represented the HBBCA at several meetings to discuss and evaluate alternatives.

Rick Secured Safety Changes at Waterfront Trail Detour near Target

In mid-August, Rick Knapp observed several safety issues with respect to the construction detour just north of Target where the Waterfront Trail has been reduced from two lanes to one at a right angle turn at the north end of the bridge just north of Target. The detour is needed in order for the contractor to do work near the westerly approach to the railroad bridge which will house the Waterfront Trail being extended to close the 4-mile gap between Arcata and Eureka. Working with Hank Seemann, Project Manager with Humboldt County, and the Resident Engineer with Ghirardelli Associates, changes were made, including increased sight distance at the right angle turn, improved visibility of the bollard at the north end of the bridge, improved sign placement and better delineation at the chain link fence placed across the bike trail. The detour is expected to last until at least October 15th.

Who to Call When You See a Safety Concern (Rev. 10/2/2023)  

The HBBCA periodically checks with agencies in the Humboldt Bay region to determine appropriate contact personnel to respond to bike-related issues.  If you see a condition that needs to be corrected in order to improve safety or convenience for cyclists such as a pothole in a bike lane, accumulated debris on a roadway shoulder, the need to re-stripe a bike lane, the need to clear vegetation encroaching on a shoulder, or a street light that is out, call the responsible agency/person listed below.  Of course, if you see a condition that requires immediate attention, like a stop sign knocked down, call 9-1-1.  For non-emergency conditions, the following contact information is provided:

Customer Service Liaison, Jessica Henry Gibbs
707-441-5655 online Customer Service Report:

County of Humboldt
Abandoned Vehicles: Wally Williams,
County Sheriff’s Office, 707-268-2509

City of Arcata
Engineering Administrative Staff
Abandoned Vehicles:
Arcata Police Dept. at 707-822-2424

City of Eureka
707-441-4203 publicworks@ci.eureka.ca.gov
Abandoned Vehicles:

HBBCA Board of Directors (Rev. 10/82/23)
(all phone numbers have 707 area codes)

President---------------------- Rick Knapp
499-5918(cell) email: info@humbike.org
Vice-President---------------- Brett Gronemeyer
Secretary/Treasurer---Gail Popham,
Director of Planning-----open/available
Director of Publicity ----open/available

Contact Rick Knapp if you are interested in filing a vacant Board position.

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